The Story.

We are Green. We are innovative. We are creative. We wish to craft beautiful jewelry and decor from the lost and forgotten. We wish to give treasures a second, third or fourth breath of life. We want to wow you with the lost. We are Never Lost Jewelry & Decor.

Never Lost Jewelry was created to give treasures and trinkets once adored another chance to be loved. Vintage victorian buttons that once embellished a maiden's dress, an old skeleton key that opened a door to hidden garden, a small piece of a historic building lost to the years, these are all just some of the treasures Never Lost Jewelry is made from.


Why Never Lost.

Never Lost Jewelry & Decor is only created from the lost treasures of the world. These items have history and have seen change, wonder and destruction. These items are not made in china they are real trinkets and treasures that if could speak would amaze you with the history they have seen.


Never Lost Jewelry & Decor

By Robert Felton

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